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Brooklyn- based recording artist VICTORY OVER SOUND is originally from Louisville, Kentucky where she has been a hyper-active contributor the city’s music scene, lending her unique sound to many local and national releases, including the outstanding “Louisville is For Lovers” compilation series ( also featuring My Morning Jacket, Will Oldham and Tara Jane O’Neil ), and performing frequently at the Forecastle Festival.

“Hunter’s range and instincts are in full display in her thirty-five- minute solo set that manages to be at once, triumphant, suspenseful, invigorating and dark.” – LA Weekly

The EP titled “Six” by Papa M (a.k.a David Pajo / Slint) featuring guitars, vocals, and keyboards by D.W. HUNTER is out now on Drag City Records.

Kentucky Battleground Songs, a live compilation tribute to Jason Noble, featuring music by VICTORY OVER SOUND, Will Oldham and Shannon Wright, out now on Coincident Pair available now on Coincident Pair


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